Saturday, September 13, 2014

On the Road and Ten Things of Thankful

This week we are on the road travelling around the east coast or down east as us Canadians would say. We started our trip last Saturday and I've taken a ton of pictures. The ones I'm including here are off my iPhone and when I get back home on Tuesday I'll start sharing the ones that are on my Olympus camera.

I've just sent 10 or 12 pictures to myself via my email address and they're taking their time getting to my mail so please bear  bare bear with me. Hopefully they'll arrive before I finish my post.

We started out in Orillia on Saturday night and stayed in Bracebridge the first night. Why Bracebridge some of you may be asking ...... I ask myself the same thing now after staying there. Hubby got home late from work Saturday and I was all packed and ready to go. I wanted to hit the road. He too wanted to get going. Hence we left and stayed an hour away from home.

Algonquin Park, Ontario

Sunday we drove through Montreal (my home ,town,city) and made it to Quebec, Quebec. This is very close to old Quebec City. 

On our way to Montreal 

Monday it was onto Saint John, New Brunswick where we had a great time exploring the area a little before we headed out to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where we stayed for two nights. 

Moose signs everywhere in New Brunswick 

Have my pictures arrived in my email box yet? Nope Emoji. I may have to use all the same pictures here that I've been posting on my Facebook wall. I'm not sure why but Facebook and my email is not working all that well here in Prince Edward Island. 

Saint John, New Brunswick 
Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

We spent two nights in Halifax and the next day we headed off to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.  

Hitting the beach in P.E.I.

We've been in P.E.I. for two nights now and are starting to head back home today. We should arrive home on Tuesday. 

It has been the trip of a lifetime for us and we've had so much fun along the way. We've hit more pubs and listened to so many great musicians along the way. But it's time to go home as we are both getting home sick. We miss our boys and our two dogs.

This post was going to be more pictures than words but it looks like it is now more words than pictures. Darn internet service in PEI! 

Next week when I'm home I'll try to make my rounds to all of your TToT posts.

I'm so thankful that Hubby and I were able to take this much needed vacation. It has been 15 years since our last one, and hopefully will not take that long before we go on our next one.

What are you thankful for this week? Want to join in on this blog hop and make some new friends? Then follow any one of the following links and join us.

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