Friday, August 22, 2014

Ten Things of Thankful - For My Husband

This week I thought I’d do something a little different and dedicate my post for TToT to hubby, who sometimes I take for granted.

Port Severn, Ontario

For sticking with me through all the illnesses I've had over the past 28 years. I know you never signed up for this and hell I was healthy the first 28 years of my life.

For the 3 sons you helped bring into the world. They mean the world to both of us and I’m so proud that you’re their father.

For all the love and support you give me on almost a daily basis. Hey no one’s perfect right J

For standing behind me (sometimes in front of me) no matter what I decide to do. I know even when you think I’ve made a bad or wrong choice you go ahead with my decision just so you can say, I knew it was the wrong choice so suck it up sweetheart and move on.

For taking such good care of me when I broke my leg a couple of years ago. You’d get up each and every morning and make sure that I’d have my coffee, breakfast, and something for lunch before going off to work. You’d come home and cook dinner (thank goodness you’re such a good cook) and then take care of anything that needed taking care of.

For putting up with me on those days where I’ve been a total bitch. (Hey I put up with you when you’re in one of your grumpy moods, so it’s only fair right)

For not getting mad at me when I backed into that pole at the mall in your truck. (It really was an accident)

For trusting me all these years with the finances and very rarely questioning why we’re in overdraft all the time. (Just kidding about the overdraft)

For never giving up on us, and always sticking by me, even though I know there have probably been a few times you've wanted to walk.


For being my soul mate, best friend, and lover all rolled     into one package.

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