Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ten Things of Thankful Almost

Some weeks it's hard to come up with an entire ten things for TToT, and some weeks it's easy. This is one of the harder weeks for me but I'll give it my best go and may fall a little short but at least I've tried right?

So let's get this party started.

Thankful that I live in Canada
Even though I feel as if I've been in a frozen tundra this winter I am thankful just the same that I live where I do. Right now the reason being is if I lived say in the USA I'd have to be forking out thousands and thousand s of dollars for my health care. Don't get the wrong idea, not everything is covered here like some people think. There are even Canadians that say we have free health care. Nothing is free these days. For instance, not all chemotherapy drugs are covered under our health care. If you happen to have an additional health care package where you work, more than likely it will cover a partial amount of the cost for the needed drugs.

Thankful for my husband's sense of humor 
I must say that my hubby has by far one of the best sense of humors I've ever encountered. He keeps me laughing.

Wednesday Night Television
There are not too many nights that I actually sit down and watch TV, but on Wednesday nights I do. Criminal Minds followed by either Homeland or a new show I just started watching called 19-2. 19-2 is a show that is based out of Montreal about two cops that are partners who are on the Montreal Police Department. The show is a little on the dark side but one that I enjoy. 

I've always been thankful to have music in my life. I'm a rock n roller from way back and the minute I hear an A.C.D.C. song it's like an instinct to crank it up. 

Fuzzy Soft PJ's
Most days you will find me sitting at my kitchen counter, (even though I do have an office on the second floor of my home), on a bar stool typing away in my fuzzy soft PJ's. I do eventually get dressed but have been know on many days to not get dressed at all. Thankful that I'm able to work from home and not have to go outside in the freezing cold.

MacDonald's, Grill Cheese, Bacon, and Hot Dogs
For the past couple of weeks I've lost my taste buds due to chemo. Many foods that used to taste really good to me no longer do. Reasons unknown to me .... I've started craving MacDonald's food. I went for years refusing to eat there but recently that is one of the foods I crave. Hopefully my taste buds will come to their senses and say no to MacDonald's food as I know how unhealthy those burgers and fries really are. As for the hot dogs, the other night I told everyone I wanted kid type food and so I made hot dogs for dinner. My family is so used to me cooking a huge dinner complete with meat, potatoes, veggies, soup and or salad at least 5 or 6 nights a week, so it made me happy that they enjoyed the dogs. 

+Lizzi R .... would you look at this, I made it to six so far :) The other night Lizzi and I were chatting on Facebook and I told her there was no way I could come up with ten this week and asked her if she minded if I did a 5/5 split of thankful and un-thankful. 

My Red Winter Coat
I bought this coat last winter but never utilized it the way I have this year. This coat has a very large hood with faux fur around it. It goes half way to my knees and when it is all zipped up to the top it goes right up to my nose. With the frigid -27 C temperatures of late I've been thankful for this coat that keeps me toasty warm.

Winter Carnival & Polar Bear Dip
I've not been to the Orillia winter carnival since my twins were little guys. Tomorrow my son's girlfriend Meghan and I are off to watch the polar bear dip. It always amazes me that these grown men, not sure if there are any women dipping or not, jump into the lake at this time of year. Do they end up getting sick due to doing this? Not really sure but I'm taking my camera with me and hope I'm hoping get some good shots to share here during the week. A visit to the ice castle is always fun too.

New Blog
Happy that I started a new blog where I can keep some of my online recipes. I have so many of them on HubPages, Squidoo, and here on Everything Susan. Because I'm trying to get a bit more organized I've started yet another blog called From My Kitchen to Yours. I'm always looking for followers so if you'd like to stop by and check it out, you can click on the link or click on the tab up above that says recipes.

I'll leave you with one of my Crank It Up feel good songs....

Okay I got to nine and I'm going to stop here for now.If I do come up one more  I will add to this list and skip the un thankful part, which I had originally thought of doing.

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Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you tomorrow for Silly On Sundays. If not have a great weekend!

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