Friday, July 5, 2013

Streets Alive Street-Art Letters in Orillia Ontario

Streets Alive is in its fifth year of showcasing local artists creative works. This years theme is letters of the alphabet. Throughout the downtown core there are 32 six foot tall letters that have been painted and decorated. 

In front of the new Orillia library you can see the letters R.E.A.D., which will stay there permanently. 

The letter "O" was done by artist Kathryn Kaiser-Hiron, and sponsored by Mayor Angelo Orsi. This letter sculpture can be seen in front of the Orillia Opera House. 

When I first saw this sculpture I immediately thought of the song by Neil Diamond, "Sweet Caroline".

"Hands, touchin hands, Reachin out, touchin me, touchin you".

Now the more I look at it I interpret it as people coming together, helping each other, making new friends, and working as a community.

Last years theme was Everything Stephen Leacock; a Canadian writer, humorist, and economist. To read more about all of the Streets Alive Street-Art from previous years, which include Sixty Sails, Guitars on Parade, and Festival of Banners,  please visit my article on HubPages.

One of several chairs made to look like Stephen Leacock himself. This one he is reading
 from perhaps one of his own books.

I will be adding more letters to this post over the next two weeks in case you'd like to come back and see more.

Every year for the past five years I look forward to seeing not only what the theme will be, but most of all the beautiful artwork that is on display every summer. 

Thanks for visiting and have a great day!

Each letter has a number on the cement platform. This is so the public can vote on their favorite letter.

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