Sunday, September 21, 2014

Eastern Canada Pictures and TToT

Mr. Lobster

I thought that today would be the perfect opportunity to share some of my pictures from our trip to Eastern Canada with you.

Mr. Lobster here is a sovereign souvenir I picked up for myself in Prince Edward Island. He great cause he doubles as a beer opener. #1. We ate lobster for which I am thankful but the prices were out of this world. You'd think that getting lobster right from where it was caught it would be cheaper not more. Oh well, Live & Learn.

Eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, potatoes, crepe, fruit, and toast.
could you eat all of this?
#2. More food. In New Brunswick we dinned several times at Cora's Restaurant. This is a chain restaurant all across Canada but the food is absolutely amazing. I can never finish everything on my plate when we eat there. Hubby always has to happily help me out.

#3. The second time we ate at Cora's I thought I'd play it smart and order an omlette. Well I should have read more on the menu regarding how many eggs they used because this puppy was HUMONGOUS!

Omlette stuffed with ham, green & red peppers, onions. Served
with potatoes, toast and of course delicious fruit.

#4. The best thing about Trois Rivieres, Quebec, was getting out of there :) Enough said.

#5. TToT and everythone that participates in this fun blog hop. 

#6. Coming home was fantastic because Maggie and Bruce missed us so much and were so happy to see us.

#7. My son Matthew handled everything while we were gone from taking care of the family business to caring and feeding the pups. He gave said something really nice to me, which was, Mom you do a lot during the day, it's hard work taking care of these dogs all day and trying to keep this house clean.
Matt cooking after a long day at work

#8. My new wall hanging. I told hubby one day that I wanted to paint bullrushes on this one wall. He said NO! I said fine then. I was shopping online at Sears one day and low and behold they had exactly what I wanted to paint. I ordered the wall hanging, got Matt to help me put it up, and said THERE! Hubby doesn't like it but too darn bad it's my house too right.

#9. Entering back into Ontario felt like coming home. We had a very long drive the last day of our trip as we were going to stay in Kingston, Ontario at the Delta. When I called to make reservations and found out what they wanted for a room we decided to drive home, which was another 3 1/2 hours.

#10. I never ever tire of seeing water or water pictures. Do you?

St. Lawrence Seaway 
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Have a great Sunday and week everyone!

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