Friday, August 25, 2017

The Adventures of Maggie and Bruce - Flash Fiction

One year when I was in Florida my son called me saying that Maggie and Bruce (our 2 Newfoundland dogs) were gone. I panicked and asked him what happened. He said that he came home and the door was wide open and no dogs. I told him to go out and find them. What did he expect me to do, I was 1400 miles away.

He went out looking for the dogs without much luck. When my husband got home that night he helped in the search. Still no luck. The next day my son Matthew who lived close to the animal shelter decided to go check to see if by some chance they were there. He walked up and there they were happily playing in the outside pen. The attendants said that they were the best inmates they'd ever had. Friendly and very obedient.

This week's Flash Fiction is to write in 99 words, (no more, no less) about an escape artist. If you'd like to join in on the fun of flash fiction, please follow the link over to Carrot Ranch.

Here is my flash fiction.

Come on Bruce let’s get out of here, the door is partially open.

Okay Maggie let’s go, I’ll follow you, lead the way.

Up the street the two dogs went as happy as pigs in mud.  They had a great day wandering the streets and going to the park. They met a few dogs along the way making new friends.

Then a man appeared out of nowhere with a van and coaxed the dogs over. They both loved to ride so in they went.

Arriving at the animal shelter they had a feeling they were in trouble. Now what?

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