Friday, February 18, 2011

Heather Russell Another Amazing Canadian Talent Hits YouTube

Look out Justin Beiber there is a new girl on the block waiting to take your spot and her name is Heather Russell from Toronto, Ontario who has the voice of an angel, writes her own music and is only ten years old. Simon Cowell former American Idol judge has given her a contract signing her to his record label. He discovered Heather on YouTube after being tipped off from Zack Werner a former Canadian Idol judge. This child has soul with a bluesy voice. To not only sing like she does but to be able to write the words and the music like this is truly spectacular. What talent! Cannot wait to hear more from this amazing young girl.

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  1. Hey there Susan this is the Cloud Explorer from Hubpages, its nice to find you from Google+, and I'm happy all of our networks online are being connected. This is a pretty awesome blog you have here, and thanks for adding many of my online profiles. I'm enjoying the cool Canadian talent your presenting here, awesome stuff!


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