Sunday, May 5, 2013

Brewers Yeast the Natural Flea Protection for Dogs and Cats

All of my life I've been giving brewers yeast to my dogs as a flea preventative and repellent. I learned this from my dad many many years ago. Brewers yeast contains thiamine, and fleas absolutely hate not only the taste of thiamine but the smell as well. 

There are a few different ways in which you use brewers yeast. I find the best way is to sprinkle it daily in their food. I buy the powdered brewers yeast from my local health food store and it really is quite inexpensive. 

This bag of Brewers Yeast will last me about six months

Other people have told me that they apply the powder to their dogs coats. 

Another option is to add the yeast to their drinking water.

Brewers yeast tablets can be purchased from your local pet food store, however because I have giant breed dogs using the tablets for my dogs would require too many and wouldn't be economical. The tablets would be perfect for the tiny breeds and for cats. 

The recommended dosage for the powder is 1/2 tsp. per 10 pounds. My dogs weigh in usually around 130 -135 pounds and I've found that giving them 1 tsp. per day is sufficient. 

Word of caution. There are some dogs that do have an allergic reaction to brewers yeast. 

Other Benefits of using brewers yeast.
  • Healthier and shinier coat
  • Will help to strengthen dogs immune system
Some people say that you only need to use the brewers yeast during flea season. My veterinarian last year recommended that I use this year round due to fleas being bad in the area where I live. So now my dogs get this year round.

No Fleas on Me 

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