Friday, October 25, 2013

That Is Not Classic Rock!

Yesterday afternoon I was at my local hospital, Soldiers Memorial Hospital, having an MRI done. About to go into the scanner the technician asks me as what type of music I'd like to listen to as she's putting headphones on me. My choices were Classical, Country, Classic Rock, or Easy Listening. I chose Classic Rock.

So off I go into the scanner. The music starts and I'm thinking, this isn't classic rock, it's not even close. What I was listening to was country. Now normally I don't have a problem with country music at all, and if I'm in the mood to listen to country music fine.

There are so many country music songs that are down right depressing. I have no idea who the artist was but the gist I got from the song was this guy was dying and singing a song to his wife or girlfriend about how he wanted her to love again, live again, and so on. I thought I was going to start crying right there in the scanner. I actually had to hold back the tears, as you're not supposed to move while you're in there. I knew if I started to cry the tears would start and the faucets would flow, so I tried my damnedest not to listen to the words of the song.  The songs that followed that one were not quite as bad, but they were depressing too. I was in the scanner at least 40 minutes and I was so happy when I heard the technician say to me through the headphones that we were done.

Anyways my suggestion to anyone that needs to have an MRI done is do yourself a favor and bring an iPod with you to listen to. I'm sure the technician didn't do this on purpose to me, and probably just hit the wrong button by mistake.

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