Friday, June 20, 2014

Mini Cancer Update Now Waiting on a Port

As I’m sitting having chemo pumped through my veins I hear clapping and cheering
I listen and curiously wonder why on earth would people be acting this way in a cancer centre?
Then this past Wednesday I’m sitting beside a woman who has just had her I.V. taken out and I see nurses gathering about.

 “Hip, Hip, Hurrah” starts ….   “Hip, Hip, Hurrah”, the “Hip, Hip, Hurrah”. Then hugs, lots of hugs and congratulations of, " you've done it" … your very last chemo treatment. As I look on I see one of the nurses hand this very happy looking woman a diploma. How nice I think to myself, for her. She is one of the lucky ones that may never have to have chemo ever again in her life.

I’m at a friend’s blog reading about her 20th chemo treatment.  Her and I are on a quite similar journey as far as chemo goes. It will probably never end for us. As the little beaver (Justin Bieber) says “Never Say Never”, as more than likely it will end when our bodies can no longer take any more chemicals being into our bodies.

Outside of the chemo centre in the waiting room where I go now every three weeks, there’s a ships bell that people ring when it is their last treatment. I have watched and seen people ring the bell as they’re leaving. Usually a couple of loud clangs and an, “I’m outta here!” Silently I sit and wish that were me.

Yesterday when I read +Lisa Thompson's I was inspired to write this piece. I was going to try and make it poetic. But after I started writing it the poetry would not flow from my mind, through my fingers, to my keyboard.

Even though I know for me the chemo won’t end until my body says no more or the doctors say no more, I will still fight and not give into the cancer that lingers in my body. For right now this Pemetrexed is shrinking the nodules in my lung, with no new nodules showing. They are still there in my chest hanging in close to my left lung, but can no longer be seen in the left lung.
(I spoke with a new oncology nurse this week and she was very informative when I asked her various questions about what all my reports had said)

The port I was to have put in this past March had to be cancelled due to depression. Now I’m waiting for them to re-book the insertion of the port as I was a human pin cushion this past week. Even once the I.V. team nurse was called in to insert the I.V. this week it took her several attempts to find a vein. I’m hoping that the port is in before my next chemo treatment in three weeks from now. 

To all of us that are fighting cancer let's try really hard and keep fighting the fight even though we have blips in the way and some days want to throw in the towel and say to hell with it. Don't give in and please don't ever give up. Miracles do still happen.........

For my complete cancer journey please click here.

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