Monday, July 25, 2011

Almost Time For Back To School Shopping


August is fast approaching and before we know it September will be here. To avoid all the crowds that descend upon the malls, start your shopping early and avoid the stress that back to school shopping can cause.

Before you hit the stores make a list of needed items such as:
Lunch bags, thermoses
Binders, paper, notebooks
Rulers, pens, pencils, erasers,

Check with your child to see what they still have from last years supplies that they may still be able to use this year and save you a bit of money.

With your child go through their closet and dressers and see what still fits and at the same time pack away or hand down the clothes that no longer fit them. If anything is in need of repair put aside to fix or sew.

Sit down with your child and discuss a budget on how much can be spent on clothing and necessities. This will save a lot of arguing when it comes to either shopping online or in the stores.

The Internet is a great resource when it comes to price comparisons. Bookmark all of the stores that you shop at and search online for the items that you and your child are looking for. This can save a lot of searching through the malls and stores. Many times at you can find excellent deals especially on backpacks.


Staples Business Depot will soon be sending out their back to school flyer and they will usually have some good deals on all the school supplies that students will be needing this year.

For children that stay at school for lunch here are some great items you may want to consider purchasing.

Thermoses are wonderful for children taking hot soup, stews, pastas or even hot chocolate to enjoy at lunchtime.

Have fun shopping for this upcoming 2011/12 School Year.

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