Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fajitas in a pinch

Yesterday I had this craving for fajitas and had to have them no matter what. The only problem was that I'd already cooked chicken drum sticks earlier in the day in order to have a cold dinner with salads. Normally I would make fajitas with boneless chicken breasts, sliced beef or shrimp, but the drum sticks were already cooked.

I chopped up all the veggies that I was going to use, sliced the chicken off the drumsticks,and  grated up the cheese.

Into a pan I sauteed sliced onions, mushrooms, and green peppers. I don't normally add mushrooms to my fajitas but they were in the fridge screaming at me to use them. While this was cooking away in a bit of olive oil I started making the guacamole. Normally I add chopped tomato or salsa to my guacamole but for some reason or another all I added was a bit of chopped onion, cilantro, garlic, and garlic sea salt. Oh and lemon juice too. Can't forget the lemon juice because if you do the avocado will turn brown. Once the guacamole was done I scooped it all back into the shells. A trick I saw Julie DeNeen do.

Just before the veggies were done I added 6 dashes of chipolate hot sauce and some cumin. I usually buy fajita seasoning in a package but didn't have any on hand so I improvised.

Time to eat ... On a heated flour tortilla add chicken, sauteed veggies, chopped tomatoes, cheese and guacamole.

I've added the ingredients for the recipe below. This served four people.

Ingredients for Fajitas

1 tbs. extra virgin olive oil
1 large onion sliced (I used sweet)
1 green pepper sliced
1 package of sliced mushrooms
6-7 dashes of chipolte hot sauce
1/4 - 1/2 tsp of cumin
6-7 chicken drum sticks cooked, and meat taken off the bone
1 large tomato chopped
2 cups of cheese of your choice grated
8 - 10 soft tortillas

Ingredients for Guacamole

2 Avocados
1/4 cup of diced onions
1 tbs. of lemon juice
2 tbs. cilantro
2 garlic cloves chopped

Serve with a side dish of rice, a salad, black beans if you like. I just wanted the fajitas with the guacamole last night but I usually serve sides with this meal. Don't forget the sour cream and salsa for those that like it.


  1. Your recipes always make me so hungry! The photos really add to it :)

  2. My interest in Fajitas has gone from 0-60 in 60 seconds. Fantastic recipe ideas. black beans, avocado and salsa are so healthy, too!


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