Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wordless Wednesday #11-Introducing Scooby

How's this ... do you like this pose?
Scooby is part of my sister in laws +Christy Zutautas family, and as you can see he's quite the camera hound. I love it when a dog will sit and pose for you and Scooby was very cooperative on this day.

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  1. Hehe...this photo made me giggle. Such a Scooby! :D
    Now, he needs a blue or green collar. LOL...
    What fun! Tweeted your post. :)

  2. It doesn't get better than Scooby...seriously it doesn't!

    Thanks for posting a picture of my baby Sue!

  3. Isn't that a great Scooby!!! You also made my day!!!

  4. Hey, Scooby!! Hi from Cloudy, Misty and me!


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