Sunday, January 5, 2014

Silly on Sundays - 3

This is the third SoS and it's still snowing here in southern Ontario. I'm starting to feel like I'm never ever going to see green grass again. Winter just started on Dec. 21st but yet it feels like it should be over by now.

The weather network says we're in for another 20 - 25 inches centimeters of snow. Oh joy! If that's not bad enough freezing rain is expected too. Lovely next few days to look forward to. The kids will be happy as their Christmas holidays will be extended as tomorrow is likely to be a snow day.

Time to get out the shovels and start building those igloos fellow Ontarian's.

Enough about the weather right .... Seems like that's all people have been talking about lately. Look at all the weather posts on Facebook for the past couple of weeks. Weather, weather, weather. Enough already!

Today I'd like to share a Rick Mercer video with you. I find Rick very funny and hope you will too.

One more .....

What is Silly on Sundays?

 There are no rules at all. If you need some ideas you may want to:

  • 1. Share a picture.
  • 2. Share a video.
  • 3. Tell us a joke that made you laugh.
  • 4. Share a recipe that went totally bad (or good)
  • 5. Tell a funny story that happened to you, a friend, or family member.
  • 6. Anything goes.

 If you'd like to join in on the SoS blog hop please link up here.

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