Friday, March 14, 2014

Finish the Sentence Friday - Decades

My favorite decade was the 80’s, although I’m really torn because the end of the 70’s were pretty good too.

I graduated from high school in the late 70’s and it seems that then is when life began. I moved out (actually my step-monster kicked me out) of my parent’s home a few months short of graduating from high school. Luckily a good friend and her family took me in for a short period. I had my own car, apartment, and job at 19. Big difference from what the kids now are like. I think we were far more mature back then. Maybe we just had to be whether we wanted to or not. Life was fun and full of partying. Concerts were only what 8 dollars back then so we got to go to many. It’s only rock n roll but I like it.

It was in the 80’s that I moved back to Canada, met my husband and life sure changed. It was all for the better of course. If I could go back and change anything at all the only thing I’d change is maybe to have met him sooner in life than when I actually did. I was married and had my twin boys this decade too. Talk about huge changes, this was the decade for that. Becoming a wife and then a mother …. all within a ten year period … Wow! So yes I did pick my favorite decade – the 80’s. 
Our Wedding Day

Our Twin Boys

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