Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ten Things of Thankful

Each week I think to myself how am I ever going to come up with ten things, and then some weeks I skip this blog hop altogether. Then I begin to feel guilty that I didn't participate. One week leads to the next and I start thinking I'll skip it again. Truth be known I enjoy reading others TToT and since I skipped out on it last week I feel I need to just do it! So let's get started.

1. Thankful that I'm getting used to not feeling guilty when I nap during the day. Even though I usually wake up like a bear coming out of hibernation (family not thankful at all) I'm finding the more I nap the less grumpy I am. 

2. During the week I cooked a turkey I had bought during Christmas because they were on sale for 88 cents a pound. I can never pass up a sale like that. Thankful that my family didn't all walk out on me last night when they asked what was for dinner, and I answered with one more night of turkey. I wasn't about to waste any of that Tom the Turkey and it actually fed 4 of us for 4 nights. Oh and did I mention I made a turkey lentil soup that was to die for. It was delicious if I may say so myself. If you'd like the recipe I have it posted over at +Squidoo
To view recipe please click here

3. Thankful that when I'm tired hubby has no problem filling in and helping out by ordering in.

4. Thankful for posts on Facebook such as this one:

5. Thankful that I've found so many people that like to play Scrabble and Words With Friends. I only wish that +Stephanie Henkel and +Susan Kaul would let me win once in a while. 

6. Thankful that my mother in law liked the poem that I wrote her this year for Mother's Day, and didn't think it was lame. 

7. Thankful that I've been able to go an entire week without a craving for a McDouble. Not sure if I'll make it through the weekend without one though. Did you know that there's 390 calories in one of those little buggers. Not to mention the 380 calories in a medium fries. Who can have a burger without fries!

8. Thankful that I have another +Dean Sault  book sitting here waiting to be read, since I just finished Ghost of Lost Eagle. 

9. Thankful that more people are starting to join in on my Silly On Sundays blog hop. 

10. As always, I'm thankful for all of you who come by and read what I have written. 

If you don't already participate in TToT and would like to, follow one of the links below. 

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