Saturday, March 15, 2014

Silly On Sundays 13 Coaster Collection

Hi and Welcome to Silly On Sundays. We've now hit week 13 and I hope this signifies a lucky week. 

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This past summer I was out looking for coasters. We'd gotten a new coffee and end table to go along with our newly renovated living room so off I went on a coaster hunt. Surprisingly the stores in town didn't have that much of a selection. One kitchen store I went into said that they couldn't get coasters. What???? Why not? The answer I got was that people weren't buying them as much anymore as they once did. I found this a little strange and unbelievable so I continued on with my hunt. 

A few weeks passed by and still I'd not been able to find what I was looking for so every time I'd go out for lunch or a beer I'd help myself to the coasters that came with my drink. You're allowed to do that right? Hope no one sends the coaster patrol after me as I'd hate to be locked up. 

My sons girlfriend Meghan noticed one day what I was doing and she started grabbing coasters for me as well. Then my my mother in law jumped on the coaster wagon. I now have more coasters than I know what to do with. But hey one can never have too many coasters right. 

A few of my favorites

I suppose the silliest thing is that at Christmastime I ended finding a set of six coasters at the Mariposa Market in Orillia. Of course I bought them! I wouldn't actually steal a set of six. 

Loon Country by Jason

Backside of Muskoka Brewery Coaster
My newest and most favorite of all. I love the artwork that went into this.

Front Side of Coaster

Do you think it's silly to have a coaster collection that is slowly turning into an addiction?

I did a bit of reading and found out that there are a lot of people that collect coasters.

What do you collect?

Anything silly happen to you this week? Please share it with us and join in on SOS.

My co-host +Kelly Umphenour has been cooking up a storm a with a silly story over at RealHousewife.

If only I'd have gone to Amazon I would have found these. 

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