Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fast Forward Flash Fiction

Fast Forward

I awoke to my alarm going off, stretching, and rubbing my glued eyes. In disbelief I looked around at my bedroom, which did not look anything like it did when I went to sleep.

The room had expanded; new furnishings, wall covering, and a master suite were all in my sight.

What the hell was going on?

I could hear voices coming from the kitchen but they didn't sound familiar. What I saw when entering the room shocked me. Standing by the island were 2 twin girls and an older version of my son.

Mom you’re awake ......

This is a post for a Flash Fiction Challenge over at Carrot Ranch. If you or someone you know likes to read or write flash fiction please stop by and join in on the fun and many challenges. Each week on Wednesdays +Charli Mills provides us with a new flash fiction challenge.

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