Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ten Things of Thankful in Pictures

Peter Bakema
It was a busy week but fun was had by all. Yesterday my Mother In Law left to go back to Florida, Land of Sunshine. I was supposed to be the official alarm clock and wake everyone up at 6:30. Normally I'm up at five but yesterday I slept in. Go figure. So we were a tad bit late. I made up the time while driving her to the airport though. I couldn't believe how clear the highways were. The traffic gods must have been on my side because what normally takes 2 or more hours took me an hour and six minutes. Okay, okay I confess, I was speeding most
of the way.

 1.) Thankful for no traffic yesterday.  

Mom and I
 2.) Mom and I acting goofy at Walmart                    
 3.) Ice cold beer.

 4.) Flowers 

 5.) Chocolate zucchini bread

 6.) Sunshine

 7.) Jerk Chicken dinners

 8.) My laptop

 9.) The beach

10.) Each and every day I wake up

Clip Art

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Have a funtastic weekend all!

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