Thursday, March 7, 2013

Solar Cats, Frogs, and Crocodiles OH MY!

I was out shopping for a new couch and love-seat at a local liquidators. Sometimes those places have the best deals going. Anyways sad to say I didn't like what I saw but as I was leaving I spotted these cute little solar lawn ornaments and had to snap a few shots of them.

I didn't buy one but when I got home I did a quick search on the Internet for them and low and behold I found them. For my American friends they sell these at "Big Lots" for $30.00 each. The lights in their eyes are solar powered so from dusk till dawn I bet they'd look really cute.

I'm pretty sure if I were to put one in my yard my Newfies would think that I got them a new toy and that would be the end of the solar pets.

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  1. Hehe...I don't usually put much in my yard: we're out in the country and our dog would mangle it, or some other animal would. Hehehe. Oh well. I hope you have a Terrific Thursday! :)

  2. @Cyndi Calhoun, I once had this really cute rabbit ... well he was actually a mean looking rabbit in my front yard. Someone stole him so besides the dogs and the stolen rabbit I tend not to put anything removable in my yard either. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

  3. Pretty cool, although I can see our wild child puppy barking like crazy at that thing!

  4. Pete, Same here :)

    Kelly, They have a really cool looking grey cat on Amazon.


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