Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fruit Salad

Several times a week I enjoy having a fruit salad for breakfast. After finding these huge strawberries this past week I made a fruit salad for breakfast this morning. How huge were these strawberries?   I had to measure them and no word of a lie they stood 4" tall. You can see from the picture I took standing them up in front of 1/2 of a cantaloupe how big big are. I was thinking if I wasn't on a diet these would taste so great dipped in chocolate!

Today in my fruit salad I had cantaloupe, kiwi, strawberries, and red grapes. Looking forward to summertime when there are more fresh fruits available.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. I love fruit salad! It is strawberry season for me. I've got to find the time for some you-pick action.

  2. I have a fruit craving. LOL

  3. I think I'll have to make another fruit salad today as this little one sure went fast. Thanks for stopping by Natasha and Cyndi.

  4. Those are some big whonking strawberries, Susan. Wow. And what beautiful pics you've taken. Yummo.


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