Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ten Things of Thankful

Happy to say that this is my 200th post on my blog. When I first started this blog I never imagined I'd ever get to 200.

Onto my TToT post for this week.

My son had a bit of a fender bender at the beginning of June and I’m thankful that he didn't get too badly hurt,  just a lot of soreness from the impact.

Thankful that our Insurance coverage provided us with a rental.

I was sure that the truck was a write-off, but thankful they were able to repair everything and that we’ll be getting it back this week.

One of the twins moved out. Yes I’m thankful for this as it is time. He has lived away from home before so I've already gone through the empty nest thing.  A few years ago he moved home, which was to be for a short time.

Happy that Allan didn't move too far away and I can easily see him as he’s still in the same city as us.

Thankful my mother in law won at the casino this past week because it made her very happy. 

Hubby is taking a few days off since he’s been working nonstop for the past month. Thankful he realized he needed a break.

Thankful that I can now walk to the outdoor market on Saturday’s again as they've moved back to within walking distance of my house.

Thankful for the local grown tomatoes as there’s nothing quite like a toasted tomato sandwich in the summertime.

Thankful for the two ceiling fans we installed in our home this past February as they’re sure a big help in the heat of summer. 

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