Saturday, August 2, 2014

Cracks Flash Fiction

I could hear chanting coming down the street as I sat stunned not believing what I was hearing……
One little girl skipping as she happily chanted over and over again …..

One more sidewalk
 One more crack

That’s all it’ll take
 To break someone’s back

You better watch yourself
Or it’ll happen to you
I’ll make your back crack
And it’ll be the end of you

You’ll lay there in pain
Never again the same
What a shame
Cause now you’re lame

As she skipped by my house I shuddered, went inside, shut and locked my door .... totally creepy. 

This is a post for a Flash Fiction Challenge over at Carrot Ranch. If you or someone you know likes to read or write flash fiction please stop by and join in on the fun and many challenges. Each week on Wednesdays +Charli Mills provides us with a new flash fiction challenge. This week it is on "Cracks". You have until the following Tuesday to submit 99 words. 

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