Thursday, September 7, 2017

Steroids, Weight Gain, and Chemo

Dexamethasone (Steroids) 

At my last chemo appointment I saw my oncology nurse. After weighing me and looking at my blood results she said that she wanted me to go for a blood test as my sugar levels were high. Then she proceeded to draw a picture of a plate with how many carbs, protein, and veggies one should have at a dinner meal.

I’ve always prided myself in knowing what a well-balanced meal is. So I was a bit taken back as she was talking to me as if I’d never seen this before.

Since first starting chemo 4 years ago I’ve gained 70 pounds. It’s been very frustrating as I don’t eat any more than I did before starting chemo. When I first started gaining the weight I was told (by my oncology nurse) it was due to the steroids I had to take and that weight gain was a good thing while on chemo. Now her tune has changed and she has set up an appointment with a dietician for me.

I went and had a blood test done yesterday and it’s showing that I am pre-diabetic. I’m assuming this is due to all the weight gain I’ve had over the past 4 years. So my plan now is to cut out as many carbs as I possibly can.

I will be seeing the dietician on Tuesday of next week. I’m hoping that she can give me some tips on how I can lose some weight. For the past few weeks I’ve been taking pictures of my dinner plate (which is smaller than a normal sized dinner plate) to show her what I eat. Hopefully this will be helpful.

If anyone that takes steroids and has weight gain would you please leave me a comment if you have any tips for me. Thanks so much!


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  2. Yeah. I had to go through yeeeers
    of that [a-hem]... but, yet, if you
    think of it all as an offering to
    Jesus, He'll take YOUR suffering
    and totally transform you into
    something which your precious heart
    will never fathom. And I will, too,
    Upstairs: we'll RITE nonillions and
    nonillions of novels, dear, better
    than Dostoyevsky.
    Love you.
    Cya soon.


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