Friday, July 7, 2017

The Storm - Flash Fiction

Squinting, trying to see a few feet in front of the car was impossible.  I only wish there was a car in front of me to follow. 

OH NO ICE! Don’t panic, I said to myself, and for God’s sake don’t hit the brakes. 

Slipping and sliding losing control of the car ….. SHIT, I was in a ditch! Oh great now what.

Unprepared for this dressed in heels and a short skirt, walking would be suicide in this snowstorm. Better stay put.

Freezing to the bone, hours later, I could see a most welcomed beacon of light. Safety. 

The storm was written for a Flash Fiction Challenge over at Carrot Ranch. If you like to read or write short stories please join us by following the link. This weeks challenge is to write a 99 word (no more, no less) story about a beacon. 

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