Thursday, February 21, 2013

Things You Say to Your Scale

I've tried many diets before and this is the first low carbohydrate diet I've ever tried. I must say things are going really well. I weighed myself eleven days ago and since then I've lost a total of 7 pounds. I know in the first week you tend to lose more than the weeks that follow but I'm pretty excited about this. I did cheat on Valentine's Day within that eleven day period.

I was weighing myself today and thinking about all the funny stupid things I've said to my scale and thought I'd share them here. I'm sure anyone that's dieted before has said a few of these things out loud too.

Oh my God you've got to be kidding me.


Seriously I've been dieting for 4 hours and I haven’t lost anything yet!

Stupid scale what the hell do you know!

Look here, I've been starving myself all day and you mean to tell me that I've gained a pound?

Come on you could at least lie once in a while couldn't you?

You can be replaced you know!

Okay, okay, fair enough I’m obsessed … I know it’s only been a week and so what if I've weighed myself day and night, night and day, mid-morning, and mid-afternoon, but I’m a little over determined.

Let’s move you over to this side of the floor and see if that makes a difference.

Do your batteries need to be replaced?

Oh hold on I see a bit of dust on you.

Well it's about bloody time!

Ah finally!

Now we're talking!

Ha! I knew that scale at the doctor’s office was lying.

Woo Hoo! I love you!

What have you said to your scale recently? 

What does the your bathroom scale say back to you?


  1. Shut Up... just plain shut up. I don't let me scale talk to me anymore! :)

    It is funny this love/hate relationship we develop with our scale!

  2. I kicked my scale to the curb a long, long, LONG time ago. It was mean and abusive, so I told it to go to hell and never come back. I've been happy ever since. :)

  3. I decided to not own a scale. I'm gonna walk and eat the best I can and hope for the best, LOL.


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