Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sleep Deprived Flash Fiction


As Joe was driving home in the wee hours of the morning, totally exhausted from working the past three weeks straight without a day of rest, he could not believe what he saw on the side of the road.

Was he hallucinating or was his mind playing tricks?  He’d not had much sleep for the past week, and rubbing his eyes to try to get a clearer view wasn't helping. Slowing his truck down, veering onto the shoulder to get a better look Joe could not believe it. Quickly he grabbed his rifle bringing his truck to a stop. 

This is a post for a Flash Fiction Challenge over at Carrot Ranch. If you or someone you know likes to write flash fiction please stop by and join the fun. Each week on Wednesdays +Charli Mills provides us with a new flash fiction challenge. This week it is on exhaustion. You have until the following Tuesday to submit 99 words. 

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