Friday, June 30, 2017

Frayed - Flash Fiction and a Rant

I’m so sick and tired of all these trips to the hospital. If it’s not for chemo it’s for CT scans. For a week after I have to feel like a bag of sh_t.  But I must stay strong, I must stay positive. Why because that’s how I’ve enabled myself to live this long with this wonderful disease.

Never give up; never give in, if you follow this you’ll truly win.

My nerves are becoming frayed and today I just wanted to vent. Thank you to all of you that read my post today. Your support and love mean the world to me. 


This week’s prompt from Carrot Ranch is to write a short story (99 words- no more, no less) with the keyword being “frayed”. If you would like to join us or read more flash fictions please follow the link. 

Sitting on her bed with her head heavy in her hands, Meg felt as if she was going to explode all over the walls. She didn’t know how much more she could possibly take. Her nerves were frayed and she was exhausted from all the bullshit that was going on in her life.

She started her new job but wasn’t quite feeling all that comfortable yet. Her step-mother kept calling her work, only to complain about her father. The endless calls were driving her to drink.

Meg’s cell rang. Not again! She let it go through to her voicemail. 

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