Thursday, January 6, 2011

Grill Indoors This Winter With The George Foreman Grill

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Are you a big fan of barbecuing but hate to trudge through the snow at this time of year to grill a steak or make a juicy mouth watering burger? You can stay inside in the warmth of your cozy kitchen and get that same great barbecue taste by cooking on a George Foreman Grill. Sits right on your counter top, is easy to clean, cooks fast and the best part is it is healthier by far to use one of these indoor grills than it is to fry or broil. When you cook on this grill all the fat drains out and into a drip pan.

George has improved his grills over the years. Before they did not have removable plates and sometimes were difficult to clean. But now with the Next Generation Grill clean up is a breeze as the plates are non-stick, removable grill plates and is dishwasher safe. What more could you ask for in a grill.

This grill will cook everything from vegetables, meat, fish and more. 

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  1. Hi Susan I have been using an indoor George Foreman grill for a few years now. I truly enjoy it, cooks my meat, fish, hamburgers, grilled veggies all very nicely. It's a quick way to cook something up in a hurry, when you don't want to spend time with the oven. Great post, it's a winner.

  2. Hi Ken
    Thanks so much. I just love my George Grill and love the fact that all the fat or most of it will come out of the meat. Fish and Veggies are so tasty as well.


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