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Virgin Coconut Oil And Coconut Oil Benefits

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People have been using coconut oil for centuries reaping all the wonderful benefits that come along with it. By ingesting just two to four tablespoons of virgin coconut oil a day you can increase your metabolism aiding in weight loss while at the same time boosting your energy level. If you are feeling worn down or sluggish simply add this to your daily diet and you will see the results within a week.

Weight Loss

Virgin coconut oil contains 0 cholesterol as it is not hydrogenated. Because this oil contains (MCFA) medium chain fatty acids your body will digest this oil faster than any other fats sending it right to your liver to be converted into a fast source of energy which increases your metabolism allowing faster weight loss. While dieting to loose weight many people experience food cravings. By eating healthy oils your craving will be lowered and your appetite reduced. There have been some people that have lost five pounds per week by eating properly, exercising moderately and adding virgin coconut oil to their diet.

Other Coconut Oil Benefits

The benefits from coconut oil are almost endless. People in the tropics that regularly eat coconut are shown to have lower cholesterol levels than people say in North America. Studies have shown that adding this oil to your daily diet will reduce your cholesterol.

Shown in this video below you will see that extra virgin coconut oil has slowed down the debilitating Alzheimer’s disease in this man.

Diabetics will benefit from the fat in coconut oil, as it will regulate the blood sugar, and should be the only oil eaten by a diabetic.

Stress relief by rubbing coconut oil onto the head and gently massaging will relieve tension.

By using coconut oil for hair will be the best nutrition you hair can get. Massaging the oil into your hair will add shine promote healthy growth, nourish damaged hair and rid dry scalp. Skin will love the moisture that it gets from this oil and is less expensive than all the commercial moisturizers on the market.

"The Tree of Life" is what the coconut tree is called in the Philippines and rightly so. I have just touched on some of the benefits but there are many more to this amazing fruit.

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  1. That's interesting about coconut oil and Alzheimer's. Also I heard that coffee may also prevent Alzheimer's and type II diabetes as well.


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