Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wordless Wednesday #9 Victorian Gothic Mansion

Mundell Funeral Home, Orillia, Ontario, Canada

This is one of my favorite buildings in Orillia. Yes it’s a funeral home and that may seem strange to some, but the reason I love this old Victorian mansion is because of the architectural beauty.

The property was first registered to William Teskey in 1871. Construction of the Victorian mansion was started in 1887 when the title was dealt to the town’s mayor John McCosh.

The mansion was sold to in 1907 to Thomas and Sarah Shepherd, lumber business owners.

In 1919, Thomas B Jebb bought the home for 7,000 dollars. Can you imagine! That’s the selling price that was registered. Seems like quite the steal to me considering the home had 16 rooms, hand carved oak and cherry hardwood throughout, seven fireplaces and stained glass windows.

John A. Mundell, embalmer and funeral director, bought the home in 1925, and moved his business to the mansion, while residing on the second floor. John retired in 1955, and his son Jack took over. Jack and his family lived and ran the business out of the mansion until 1966. Jack’s oldest son John who currently has and runs the business restored and renovated the funeral home to its present usage of 14,000 square feet.

The picture above does not do justice to this magnificent Victorian mansion. 

References Mundell Funeral Home

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  1. Beautiful building. I love old homes (and live in one). They just have so much more character!

  2. Hi Jennifer, I too live in an old Victorian right around the corner from this mansion. My house is about 125 years old and we love it. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I love late Victorian architecture. It's funny because I used to dislike it on principle (my mom likes it), but then I realized it's beautiful (and that I guess we really do turn into our mothers!).

  4. Beautiful capture! Not weird at all that it's a funeral home - I dunno, I grew up in a nursing home so they're sort of familiar to me - weird, I know. Tweeted this and awesome WW pick!

  5. Natasha, There are so many gorgeous Victorian homes here. Some days I hop in the car just to drive around and look at them.

    Cyndi, Thanks so much!

  6. That's a beautiful funeral home, but the people sent there can't see it.


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