Saturday, December 28, 2013

Not 10 But 12 Things of Thankful

Well if I were to try and follow +Lizzi R 's blog post today going month by month I think it would be amazing. Why amazing? I can barely remember what I did last month let alone what I did 12 months ago. But I'll try my best.

I'm going to cheat and start with December of 2013 and go backwards.

December 2013
Thankful that I think I've finally found a writing voice that I'm comfortable with. I try to add a bit of humor here and there, and for the most part I think you guys actually get it.  Happy that 2013 is almost over as I'm looking forward to 2014 and all the things it may bring. 

November 2013
In November I rec'd a lot of support from my family and friends. Without all of you I don't think I'd still have what little marbles left in my head that I do. Thankful to all of you and the continued support you give so lovingly. 

October 2013
Thankful that +Cyndi Calhoun turned me onto Considerings. If you don't already follow this blogger names Lizzi, you really should start to. You won't regret it.

September 2013
Thankful every September that Fall will soon begin as it is my favorite season.

August 2013
Thankful that in July I published I got my first book New In Town published. I never ever thought in a million years I'd publish a book. I can't recall much of August so yes I'm cheating here.

July 2013
Thankful that I joined Squidoo as I fell in love with the site, writers and the staff members that make it such a great place to be. Now don't get me wrong I still have a very strong attachment to +HubPages and I always will. I plan in 2014 to continue to write hubs as well as lenses.

June 2013
Thankful that the living room/dining room renovations are complete. They started in February and I'd moved everything into my kitchen. 

May 2013
Thankful for beautiful lilacs and flowers beginning to bloom all over.

April 2013
As I look back over my April blog post I see I was quite the busy little beaver here. I must have had so much to write about in April. Thankful that people viewed the posts.

March 2013
Thankful that the signs of Spring are showing. I'm not a big Winter person .... hell I hate the cold, who am I kidding. March arrives and I no longer feel the need to hibernate.

February 2013
Thankful that much needed renovations have begun to begin.

January 2013
I'm stuck, I cannot remember much about last January other than a new year had begun. I do remember that I created and cooked many new dishes a year ago, and I'm thankful that my family loves my cooking.

Silly me I just remembered that January was the first month that I started blog hopping over at Pictmilitude for Wordless Wednesday.

Oh my goodness, I actually was able to finish this post. When I started it I had my doubts.

 To join in on the fun of this blog hop please follow the link and link up Bloggers!

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