Sunday, December 22, 2013

Silly on Sundays & TToT

This is my button for SOS, but have yet to set it up so that you can grab it if you like.

Last week I had said I'd wanted to start a blog hop called Silly on Sundays. I'm hoping that people will join in and have some fun with me on this blog hop. There are no rules at all. If you need some ideas you may want to:

  1.  post a picture
  2.  tell a joke
  3.  share a recipe that went totally bad that even the dog wouldn't eat, or one that is delicious, 
  4.  share something that made you laugh during the week
  5.  vent about something that you think was ridiculous after you thought about
  6.  share an embarrassing moment (lately I've had tons of these)
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On a walk around town one day I saw a business that I'd never noticed before. Maybe it was new.  I'm not really sure, but it struck me as funny at the time. Why would Orillia need an entire business called The Divorce Centre. There are many things that strike me as funny in Orillia. Why do we need so many Tim Hortons doughnut shops & dollar stores? Every time I go to count the number of Tim Hortons, they add a new one, so I've given up counting them. 

I'm trying to set up the Inlinkz tool so please bear  bare with me. 

I'm also still working on a "Grab My Button" for this SOS Blog Hop. Hope that this works out too for me.

I missed the TToT post for last weekend and I don't have a post for it this weekend so I thought I'd add it here. 

1. Christmas baking is almost done.
2. With the help of my mother in law our tree is up and beautifully decorated. Claire actually did the entire tree herself. I'm not big on decorating for holidays. 
3. Happy that my mother in law is here to spend the holidays with us.  It has been ten years since we've had her with us for the holidays as she's a Florida Snow Bird. 
4. Thankful that the ice storm has not effected our hydro yet. Not very happy that it is causing havoc many of my relatives and friends.
5. Thankful that I've not gotten sick from any of my chemo treatments, and have not lost my hair. 
6. Happy that I have such a great family.
7. Thankful for all the wonderful people that I've met online.
8. My husband just made me a huge pancake breakfast that I'm about to mow down on; thankful he can cook.
9. Thankful that I'm almost ready for the festivities to begin on Christmas Eve. 
10. Thankful to be alive.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to Everyone!

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