Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Sunday morning I was checking my emails and saw that +Cyndi Calhoun had written her post for TToT over at Pictimilitude, so off I went to read it.

In her post she included that she'd won Sisterhood of the World Blogger award. For this award you have to choose ten other bloggers to pass the award onto. I was so happy when I saw that Cyndi had chosen me as one of her ten. What can I can say except thank you so much, and I love awards!

Now there is more to this award than just passing it along and here's how it works.
For starters you need to mention the person who gave you the award. Next and here's the fun part ..... answer ten questions about yourself. It's great because we all get to know a little more about each other this way. After you've done all this list the 10 bloggers that you're passing the award onto. 

So now I need to start my questions, which are:

1. Your favorite color. My favorite color has changed over the years a few times, and currently it is purple, just like Barney the Dinosaur. 

2. Your favorite animal. I love all animals big and small but I'd have to say my favorite is people's best friend the dog.

3. Your favorite non alcoholic drink. What there's other stuff to drink out there besides beer? I do drink coffee every morning but my newest favorite drink is Chi tea. 

4. Facebook or Twitter. Facebook for sure, I'm still trying to figure out Twitter.

5. Your favorite pattern. The "Bruce" clan tartan pattern, because I'm a descendant of Robert the Bruce, and very proud of it.  

6. Do you prefer getting or giving presents. Well that's a no brainer ... getting of course! No I'm not serious. I love giving gifts and I always enjoy watching the receiver open them. 

7. Your favorite number. 10, which goes back to childhood as I liked the nursery rhythm "Ten Little Indians". 

8. Your favorite day of the week.  Can't say that I have a favorite day, I like all of them.

9. Your favorite flower. The daffodil. 

10. What is your passion. Writing.

And now without further ado, I  Susan Zutautas, do hereby pass the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award onto:


Audrey Howitt


Backsies Is What There Is Not

Inn Notes


Bear Tale

Elmira Pond Spotter

The Artisan nLife

Kiss My List

Phew! It was not easy to pick only ten, let alone trying to pick people that haven't already been picked. If I have picked someone that has already received the award .... congrats you've been chosen more than once, and you rock!

Thanks for visiting today and please don't forget to take your award with you.

For those of you that remember "Ten Little Indians", or for those of you that have no idea what "Goofy" is talking about, here's the nursery rhythm. 

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