Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ten Things of Thankful - Not so Thankful

This week I decided I'd tell everyone about the ten things I'm not so thankful about. Guess I'm sick of being positive all the time and would like to take this opportunity to vent a bit. Sorry +Lizzi R  but I'm telling it like it is. Some days I just don't feel thankful and this is one of them.

Cancer Sucks!
I'm sure everyone agrees with my numero uno. How many times do I get to have this dreaded disease anyways? As if 3 times wasn't enough over 20 years ago I now get it again. So if I'm lucky enough to beat it again (yes miracles do happen) will it try and rear it's ugly head once again? Cancer I'm Unbeatable so GIVE UP ALREADY!!!

Anti-nausea drugs + 2 diuretics 

But on the same hand I'm thankful that chemo has gone well as far as nausea goes. I've not tossed my
cookies once yet. The anti nausea drugs they have out now a days compared to 20 years ago are magnificent. My oncologist nurse told me to follow her instructions to the "T" and I would not get sick. Eat breakfast and drink 4 bottles (500 ml each) of water before getting to the hospital on the day of chemo. After chemo eat small amounts of food every 2 hours whether you're hungry or not, and continue to consume water.  Food has not been an issue with me and I've not lost a single ounce of my appetite. 

Dog Breath
No not mine! Although wait till you see my post tomorrow for Silly on Sundays :)
My dog has really bad breath, Bruce that is. Maggie's isn't all that bad. When I had them on a raw diet their breaths didn't stink a bit. Wish I could have afforded to keep them on a raw diet but it was costing me more to feed them per week than it was 4-5 adults a week. It got to be a bit much. 

Thankful that I myself do not have dog breath.

Okay so I'm actually mixing it up a bit here with thankful and not thankful things. Oh well. Started my round 4 of 4 chemo yesterday and let's just blame it on "GOOFY", or as they say Chemo Brain.

Thankful that round 4 has began. After the 4th round is complete I will be having a CAT scan done on the 24th of January. If all goes well and the tumors have shrunk then my oncologist said he'll be putting me on a new treatment. I should have written down the name of this new treatment as then I'd be able to do some research, but I forgot to bring a pen with me. The doctor would have freaked on me if I'd taken out my iPhone to take notes. (That's another story) So with this new treatment it is only done every 3 weeks and time for treatment is only one hour. I'm getting excited about this new treatment as it means more time for me, less driving, and rather than going to the hospital 3 times a month Ill only have to go once every 3 weeks. Let's just hope that I don't lose get to keep my hair with this one too.

Thankful that I have not lost my hair. I'm fortunate to be in the very low percentage of people that don't have any hair loss. I did lose a tooth though and it's the front one which sucks! Now I have to go and get a partial or full plate done. Need to save up for that though. My smile has turned very small over the past month trying to hide the fact that I'm missing a tooth.

Not thankful that my calves (no not my cows although they are pretty big) my legs and ankles are not doing well with the chemo. One of my side effects are water retention and so now I'm on 2 diuretics that I have to take every day. They're not working all that well because I'm bad. I don't put my feet up as often as I should. It's hard to type with a laptop on my lap while lying down and feet propped up.

On the other hand thankful that the swelling is not caused by blood clots.

That's it for today folks. Technically if you count all the thankful's and un-thankful's there are ten I think. I'm not good with math so please forgive me if I've counted that incorrectly. 

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