Friday, November 14, 2014

Oh My Pie! Ten Things of Thankful

Oh my apple pie
Delightfully tart and sweet 
Pass me the ice cream

My son's girlfriend Meghan surprised us this week with a freshly baked apple pie. How could I not be thankful for this. She purchased several pies for an Apple Fundraiser. "Proceeds to Maintenance of Banquet Hall & Roller Skating Place", Orillia & District Agricultural Society.

Brussels Sprouts 
I never gave much thought as to how Brussels grew. This summer I was at my local farmers market and found a stock of brussels. Intrigued I had to buy them. The picture here are some that I found in my local market, and I had to cut the stalk in half to be able to fit it into my fridge. Always thankful for fresh vegetables.

No my entire post is not going to be about food, at least not this week :)

My son Matthew was driving to a job the other day and the tire on his truck popped off the rim. Not sure if you can see it in this picture but ...... Thankful he was able to control the truck (he was on the hwy and probably going slightly over the speed limit) and pull it safely onto the shoulder. Why is it in my hallway? No idea, my guys bring in the strangest things at times.

Sadly most of the leaves have fallen from my tree but I'm thankful that I could see the beauty of them for part of the fall season. 

We've been getting a few dustings here and there but this is the first of the heavier snowfalls this season. Not at all thankful that the snow has arrived but I'm thankful that I have sons that may shovel for us.  Right guys?

AC/DC is coming out with a new album called "Rock or Bust" on December 2nd. Here is one of the songs off the new album called "Play Ball"

Al is starting to feel a bit better after his fall and is looking forward to going to have the leg and ankle x-rayed on November 26th. 

Not sure what it is this week with tires and cars but my son Garth broke down last night and I thought I was going to have to go and get him at 10 pm. Thankfully he was able to leave his car parked at an arena and stay at his girlfriends sisters house.

I don't watch a lot of TV but I do look forward to "The Walking Dead". For some odd reason I've not made it through one episode this year without falling asleep five minutes into the show. It isn't like it's on that late, unless you think 9 is late. Thankful that we have a PVR box and hubby records all of the shows for me.

The following video was taken a couple of years ago but thought I'd share it here with all you dog and or snow lovers. Always thankful for my furry family members.

Just a note this was in January of 2013 and the temperature was -23C or  -9.4F.

If you'd like to join in on TToT, please click on any of the following hosts to join in on the fun. You'll meet some wonderful people along the way, and find that you too can easily find at least 10 things to be thankful for each week.

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