Saturday, January 11, 2014

Silly on Sundays - 4

I'm posting my SoS early this week due to the fact that I slept in last Sunday.

Silly on Sunday is a new Blog Hop that I started a month ago and I'm hoping that more people will join in. Post anything you like that is Silly or that you think is Silly.
Share a picture, a joke, something silly that happened to you during the week, or to someone you know.

Kelly over at RealHousewife will be co-hosting this Blog Hop with me. Check her out if you haven't yet as she's is the Real Deal!

One day this week I felt this cold wet nose awaken me from a nice sleep I was having. I opened my eyes to see Bruce staring back at me. "Give me a kiss Bruce" Nothing just this cold stare at me like he was telling me that it was time to get up and let him outside to relieve himself.

Again I say,  "Come on hows about a kiss." He gives me this grunt and walks away.

I thought hubby was sleeping,  but oh no, he wasn't as I hear him say, "Must be human breath."

Me, Dog Breath? No way, you've got human breath!

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