Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Beatles Festival Saturday Night in Orillia

Skimmy Rabittson

This past week I went to my optometrist thinking it had only been 5 years since I'd last seen him only to find out it had been 7. I was supposed to go and see him to follow up after I'd had iritis Shame On Me, but life got busy and I never made it there. My eyeglass prescription was 10 years old and I ordered new reading glasses and distance glasses. So thankful I'll be able to see much better come Monday or Tuesday.

I'm not sure if you remember me telling you that at Christmas last year I was eating a chicken wing and one of my top front teeth popped right out of my mouth. Yes I went around singing "All I Want for Christmas." I finally got the go ahead from my oncologist to go and have my teeth worked on. I'll let you in on a little secret, I'm terrified of dentists. My hands sweat and it takes me weeks to work my way up to calling to make an appointment. I go this Tuesday to get my teeth looked after. Thankful that I made the appointment. I've been so self-continuous about smiling when around people that don't know I lost my front tooth. 

We got the truck back finally from the body shop and I'm thankful that I'm able to get around much better. Sure beats walking some days.

Thankful that I found this lady who sells tea at the Farmers Market in Orillia at the ODAS Park Fairgrounds. Yesterday while there I bought Rooibos Chai and Citrus Blend. The citrus blend makes a lovely iced tea and one can never go wrong with chai. She was also selling unbleached tea filters. They are little bags that you put your tea into that is just like a tea bag. I had to try these out too.

Doesn't' the citrus blend (the chunky one) look delicious? 

While at the market I got quite an education on Maple Syrup. I never knew that maple syrup has three distinctive colors and they all have to do with what the time is that you tap your trees. The first tapping will produce a light colored syrup and the second is a bit darker. The third an amber color, produces the most maple taste of all the syrups. Thankful that I got to meet this lady from Hewitts Farms, sample the maple syrup, and buy a bottle to enjoy. Bring on the pancakes!

What we saw or tried to listen to at the Beatles Festival last night was very disappointing. The band was off key, tried to add a country twang to several of the Beatles songs (they should have left well enough alone), and during some songs they sounded like a heavy metal band or heavy metal wanna be band. I sure hope that Friday nights bands were a lot better than these local guys were. Thankful that hubby, my mother in law and I sat towards the back of the parking lot where the main stage was. Hubby was hoping the clouds would open up and pour down with rain. There were people there that looked like they were enjoying themselves or else they were drunk. The cover was 5.00 to get in and each beer, or cooler was 5.00. I almost wish we'd had paid the extra money and gone to see some of the bands that were playing at the Opera House. It's true you do get what you pay for.

I know that I've only gotten to 6 rather than 10 but it's Sunday, I'm late for getting my post out, and I really have to run. If I have time later I will come back and add 4 more for my TToT post.

I hope that everyone is having a fun weekend and that it's sunny where you are.

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