Friday, August 15, 2014

Music Lobsters and TToT

I saw this band one night on The Listener, a TV show that I really enjoy. Anyways this one night there was a band on the show doing a song and I really enjoyed the band. I waited for the credits to come on because I wanted to know who they were. I never did find out until a friend posted a video by Walk off the Earth yesterday on Facebook. I’m thankful for now knowing who this band is. It just so happens that they are from Ontario Canada and I’ll hopefully be able to see them one day soon. Here’s one of their video’s that make me smile.

While shopping this week I saw this lobster in a box on sale for 5.97 and thought well how bad can it be, so I bought one. I now wish I’d have bought more because the price was good and the lobster was delicious. I’ll be thankful if I go back to the store and find more

Lobster cooked and ready to enjoy

My son Garth and his girlfriend got a new kitten this week, and I’m thankful that he didn’t get a dog. Reason being is that both he and his girlfriend work and go to school so there wouldn’t be anyone home during the day to look after a puppy.

Introducing "Bandit"
Last week I had pictures of orange gladiolas that lasted well over a week. I liked them so much that when I went back to the store they still had some left.

Thankful that my Lithuanian Raisin Coffee Cake turned out delicious this week and that it all went in two days.

.  Thankful that while going driving with my son today that I survived. He only has his learner’s license. I’m quite proud of him though because he is a good driver and ready to go onto the next step of his driver’s license.

Thankful that when we renewed our mortgage we got a much lower rate than what we've had in the past.

I ran into an old friend from 15 years ago. Found out that she'd bought a house within walking distance of my house. Anyways we've been hanging out and going shopping and have had quite a bit of fun together. Thankful that we ran into each other and have rekindled our friendship.

In September hubby and I are going to go down east on a trip to Gaspe Quebec, and Newfoundland. Neither one of us have ever been there and we are so looking forward to some much needed vacation time.

Thankful to all my doctors and nurses at the Stronach Cancer Centre for the great care they've given me and continue to do so.

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