Saturday, November 27, 2010

For All Chef Ramsay Fans

Chef Ramsay is a person that I highly admire. When he was a young boy he lived in an abusive household and was determined that he would make something out of himself. Things got so bad at home that when he was just sixteen he moved out on his own. At nineteen he had an interest in cooking so he went to school which was sponsored by the Rotarian's. After working for several very well known chef's he opened his first restaurant and made his dreams come true. At the time I am sure he did not realise that his name in years to come would be a household name. Known for his restaurants all over world as well as his many awards this man has had a remarkable career. Starring in 3 very popular reality television shows in the UK and in North America everyone knows who you are talking about when you say the name Chef Gordon Ramsay.

Cookbooks by this man are very popular and anyone that would like to learn how to make any of his delicious dishes, can as his recipes are very easy to follow and his cookbooks are very well illustrated. There are so many to choose from and if you own one you will most likely want to collect as many as you can to add to your cookbook library

Other Products By Chef Ramsay

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