Monday, August 8, 2011

Easy To Follow Barbecue Recipes

On these hot, hot days of summer most people do not  want to cook inside. This year in North America we have all experienced some really high temperatures. With the state of the economy I am sure that many people are finding it hard to just pick up the phone and order out for food as they may have done in past summers. I have always enjoyed cooking outdoors on my gas BBQ grill and usually continue to do so until we have a lot of snow.
I have published quite a few of my own recipes online that I want to share, which I will do over the next couple of days. Please feel free to leave comments if you do happen to try any of these recipes and let me know if you enjoyed them or even if you added something different to them that you think makes them even better.

Being a big fan of Soulvlaki I came up with this recipe so that I could enjoy this Greek dish all year round.

This recipe is for Pork Soulvaki Dinner and is absolutely delicious. For this recipe please follow this link.

This dish is made from pork sirloin, green and red peppers, onion and garlic. This dish was a hit with all of my family and there were no leftovers.

The Kingsford grill grid (similar to the one in the above picture) really does come in handy for many grilling recipes. You can cook fish, seafood, vegetables and more on this handy grill. Cleanup is so much easier with one of these grills.

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