Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Bottle Hunt

All week I've been reading about Easter egg hunts and thinking how much I miss that time when my boys were small. The night before Easter we'd get a plate of carrots and lettuce all ready and set out for the Easter bunny. My little guys would be so excited and full of joy anticipating the following mornings Easter egg hunt. Once they'd gone to bed it was up to me to hide all the bunnies and eggs in various locations around the house. Of course they'd be up at the crack of dawn jumping and yelling, "Come on Mom, come on Dad, wake up, it's time to see if the Easter bunny came."

My twins are almost 25 and my youngest 20 and we haven't had an Easter egg hunt in years. This year I've been thinking of having a bottle hunt. I had to think of something that they'd all enjoy and participate in. Not that I promote drinking but I think this might be fun. It doesn't have to be booze, it could be cans of Monster (energy drinks), or even bottles of soda or pop.

If you're having the family over for Easter dinner this might be something that the adults could do while
the children are hunting for eggs. The dinner guest that finds the bottle of wine could get a prize bottle of wine to take home with them.

It was just a thought and I may just go through with it.

Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy your weekend and stay safe. Remember don't drink and drive.
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