Sunday, December 1, 2013

Ten Things of Thankful - I have so many more than ten, but I'll try and stick to ten.

I've been meaning to join the blog hop called Ten Things of Thankful, for quite sometime now and finally have made the plunge today. +Cyndi Calhoun suggested it to me awhile back and I must thank her for giving me yet another push. To join in on the fun of this blog hop please follow the link above and link up Bloggers!

#1. This has been a pretty good week for me and I'm thankful that I now have a great team of doctors and nurses at the Stronach Regional Cancer Centre in Newmarket Ontario. Dr. Anglin, my oncologist was happy to see that the swollen lymph nodes on my neck had shrunk considerably. He will do a CAT scan after round 4 of chemo to check on the tumors in my lungs as well as the one tumor in my chest area. I now have started round two of four and am handling the chemo quite well, and hope that this continues. I've not had nausea, lost any hair yet, and still have a great appetite. My back has gotten quite painful at times but nothing pain pills can't handle.

Close up of the patterns used.
Quilt by Victoria's Quilts Canada

Hand made by Volunteers 
#2. My cousin Norma had written to Victoria's Quits Canada and asked them if they would make a quilt for me. Well it arrived this week and I absolutely love it. It is so warm and cozy and perfect for cuddling up with on my love seat while watching TV. Victoria's Quilts Canada was first established by Betty Griffin of Ottawa in October of 2000. They currently distribute and donate about 500 quilts each month to people with cancer. To read more about Victoria's Quilts please follow the link.

#3. +Robin Edmondson from +HubPages had left me a beautiful comment on a previous post on my blog and also sent me an email message. This week a package arrived from Hubpages in San Francisco, a HubPages t-shirt along with a lovely card. I love butterflies and I'm including below a picture of the card. Everyone on staff signed the card with a  with such a lovely message. I cried when I read all the signatures and the message itself.

#4. For my family that has to put up with me at this time of my life. Here's a funny name I've been recently tagged with. "GOOFY" With the narcotic drugs that I take for pain, along with the chemo drugs, and pre-chemo drugs, I can become quite moody and explosive when something is said to me or something happens that I don't like. So if I ever send you a message or make a comment on one of your posts that make you go ???? You can just chalk it up to Sue being Goofy. The other day the receptionist at the hospital explained to me something on a calendar of appointments she'd just given me and I told her of my new name. She laughed and said, Oh that's a great one, we here call it Chemo Brain.

5. Grateful to all my new friends that I've met over at +Squidoo. There are too many to add here but wanted to include all of you.

#6. To +Shelley Weichel, +Gail Johnson, +Betty Health, +Claire Zutautas my mother in law, my husband Al, and my son's girlfriend Meghan who have all volunteered to sit with me during my chemo appointments. This really makes me smile as these appointments can be quite boring. But with company the time does fly.

#7. To the Canadian Cancer Foundation for providing rides to and from appointments when needed.

#8. All of my family and friends have been there for me so many times in the past and I'm so happy and grateful to all of you that are cheering me on again.

#9. To my two best furry friends Maggie Magz and Bruce for knowing that Mom is not feeling well. Whenever I come home after chemo they give me a good sniff test and sit by my side. Life is so special when you can share yours with pets.

#10. Are you tired of reading yet? Thankful that I've kept a blog and have been able to share my journey with all of you. Most of all for all the love and support I've gotten online from you. I love you all.

Please excuse any typos, I'll blame it on "GOOFY".

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