Thursday, November 20, 2014

I Thought I Was Going to Die When - Finish the Sentence Friday

Garth, my son, was learning how to drive. He wanted to go on the hwy and I quickly thought about it. "Instead of going on the main hwy, how about we go on hwy 12", I said to him. (This is still considered a hwy but the speed limit is 80 km and hour rather than 100)

The weather wasn't that great and it started to rain. I was getting a little nervous but he seemed to be handling the rain okay.

We'd gotten pretty far away from home and I suggested that we turn around at the next street or driveway off the hwy. Garth didn't realize that I meant the very next one and when I said here pointing, he wasn't prepared.

He turned quickly without breaking enough and we turned, slid, skidded, and I thought I Was Going to Die when everything that was in the back of van shifted back and forth a few times. I remember my fingers hurting from gripping onto the seat so tight thinking the we were going to roll. Finally we came to a stop and we were fine.

I asked Garth what he was thinking and he said, "You told me to turn here and didn't give me enough warning." Fair enough I thought, saying "Just don't tell Dad."

When was the last time you thought you were going to die?

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