Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Tree Stands For Any Tree

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Bring your Christmas tree to life this year with the Indoor Rotating Christmas Tree Stand.Designed for use with an indoor artificial tree. Your tree will rotate a full 360 degrees in 70 seconds. Made to hold up to 80 pounds and 1500 lights. Can be used for trees that measure up to 7 and half feet high. If you want the tree to just rotate without the lights on this is no problem as there is a switch that allows you control whether the lights are on or off.  Included with this stand is a 78” cord.

For people that prefer the outdoor tree this Good Tidings stand will hold a tree as high as ten feet with a 7” diameter trunk. Easy to set up and has a water reservoir that will hold up to two gallons of water to keep your tree fresh and safe. No need to worry when filling the water reservoir, as there is a spill guard on the stand.  Will not scratch your hardwood floors as this stand is made from high-impact polypropylene.

If you are always worrying about the weight of your tree you may want to have a look at this Christmas Mountain Steel Tree Stand. The heavier the tree the more stable the stand becomes. Set your tree in this stand in less than five minutes. Screws are high above the water level so there will never be any rusting. Very well made and built to last a lifetime. Will hold a tree up to ten feet tall. 

A new Christmas Skirt always looks nice around the bottom of your tree.

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