Monday, December 17, 2012

From My Heart


I heard the news and my heart ached

I turned on the TV and I wept

These poor innocent children and teachers

The families and friends that are left behind

How could life be so unkind?


The first two burials began today

As the TV news flashed all the pictures of the children that were so brutally murdered

I sobbed as if I knew each and every one of them

What has happened to us that something such as this took place?

On a Friday in December in 2012

This is North America

This is not a war zone

One shooter is all it took to not only destroy these lives but to change the lives of everyone

Making parents and children fearful, just to go to school, just to walk down the street, just to play

There’s a saying that time heals everything

Time cannot possibly heal what has happened here

My heart goes out to everyone in Newtown Connecticut 


  1. A very sad day indeed my friend. I am still in shock, stunned by the news and very angry with despair. How could this happen? Mental health issues need to be addressed and guarded more carefully, guns in his house, purchased by his mother, why? when she knew she had an unstable son. The poor, poor, innocent lives taken for no reason other than them being in that school on this darkest of days.

  2. Beautiful Poem, Susan

    That was a tragic event and I pray that it is never repeated anywhere on this planet..Amen


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