Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Things Your Bathroom Scale Says to You

I wrote a post on Things You Say to Your Scale and thought today that I'd follow up with a post from the scales point of view. Must be the Libra in me :) Having to balance everything or at least try to.

Hey don't blame me, you're the one that ate all that pizza last night!

You were expecting a miracle? Sorry pal, I don't do miracles!

No I won't lie, not even to you.

STOP eating so much!

Give me a break please ..... weigh in once a week, not every couple of hours.

Stop with the threats already, they won't change how much you weigh.

No I don't need my batteries changed again.

Whether you put me this way on the floor or put me over there on the floor is not going to change anything.

Have you ever considered exercising?

Quick get off, you're killing me.

Thank the scale Gods you've finally lost weight, maybe now I can get some rest. Congrats by the way.

My scale doesn't really talk to me but if it did I'm sure it would say some of the things above. Thanks for reading and Happy Tuesday!

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