Friday, June 14, 2013

What's Wrong With Chicken?

Currently I have all three of my grown sons (ages 25, 25, 20)  living at home  .... groan! All three of them have moved out and slowly trickled back in. I was warned this might happen. For three months two years ago hubby and I had the house all to ourselves ... pure heaven. Anyways .... The hardest part about my day is deciding on what to make for dinner.

I like to try and keep the troops happy and well fed but some days this is an impossibility. My twins balk whenever they find out that chicken is on the menu. They'll eat KFC,  and Wild Wing but when it comes to chicken breasts or roasted chicken they turn their noses up. Up until they were 18 they had no problem eating chicken. I don't get it because I would rather have a homemade chicken dinner over greasy, unhealthy  KFC anytime. I've gotten to the point of being sneaky, and hiding the chicken. It works if I add it into stir fry, Caesar salads, and meatloaf. I should follow and repeat what that little voice in my head says,  If you don't like what's for dinner you can eat elsewhere, order in, or make your own.  

Is there a certain type of food that you make where 1/2 of your family turns its nose up?

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