Saturday, January 18, 2014

Silly on Sundays 5 T-Shirts

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How silly are you feeling this Sunday? Was there something you saw, did, or said that was just plain silly this week? I sure hope so because without a little bit of silliness in my life, my life would be boring. Please link up and join in on Silly on Sundays.

This week I smelled something bad in the house and said to my husband that smell makes me want to puke! His reply to me was, "You should get a t-shirt that says,  You make me want to puke, because lately you've been saying that a lot lately." 

What do you think of this for a t-shirt?

So I made a t-shirt for my blog post this week. I haven't actually had it printed up yet but I know this fabulous girl named Jenny McNeil who would be perfect for doing just this for me. She even has her own website, and thought that I'd share some of her work here for you to see. You can order anything you like or place a custom order. The name of the site is Unicorn Tees and they do a fantastic job over there. Be sure to check it out, you won't be disappointed.
Unicorn Tees

I'm not sure what my co-host RealHousewife has in store for this weeks post but I'm sure it will wonderful as always. So link up here or link up over at Kelly's.

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