Sunday, February 23, 2014

Silly on Sundays 10 - Hamilton Beach

Saying Goodbye

Our old Cuisinart coffee maker finally got a send off this past week. It had its last CLR clean out and it was time to say goodbye. No longer could it carry out its duties as a coffee maker. It was just not up to getting that cup of java hot anymore. Freshly brewed is not that tasty when tepid.

All in all it had been a good coffee maker, one that I'd say I was proud of, and happy to have know. But hey we all get old, worn out, over-used ... and yes, sometimes even abused.

So out with the old and in with the new ... without further adieu let me introduce Hamilton Beach to you.

HB is not exactly as attractive as C was, but I couldn't pass up a 1/2 price deal at Canadian Tire.
HB came with a 5 year warranty ... hmm ... doubt it will last that long in this house, but we'll see.
There is no carafe with the Hamilton Beach Brew Station .... This was the selling feature for me.

Friday night I had set the HB up so that on Saturday morning all I needed to do was to hit the brew button. Yes I could have set it up with the programming thing but I didn't know what time I'd wake up on Saturday morning. With my luck I would have slept in and the coffee would have been cold by the time I got to it.

Normally my cup of choice is my Tim Hortons coffee mug. Someone was a wee bit behind on their kitchen duties (moi) and the Tim's mug was dirty, so I chose a mug that happened to have a black inside. As I was getting my first cup of the day I was looking down at my mug thinking it was at about the 1/2 point of full, or empty ... (depending on your point of view). Then I started thinking (I think way too much) cups with a light coloring on the inside would be a much better cup choice for this type of coffee maker.......

The next thing I knew there was coffee pouring over the top of my cup and all over the counter top. Apparently when I thought it was at the 1/2 way point it was in actually at the full point.

Today I'm sitting here enjoying my 2nd cup in my Tim's cup :)

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Have yourself a very Silly Sunday!

Be sure to stop by my co-hosts blog because today she's talking all about "Nuts".  +Kelly Umphenour never disappoints .. LOL.

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